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The Known World
The Society for Creative Anachronism and it's Kingdoms

The Society for Creative Anachronism's roots can be traced to a backyard graduation party of a medieval studies graduate, the author Diana Paxson, in Berkeley, California on May 1st, 1966. Everyone came in costume and the men fought with wooden swords and shields for the right to crown their lady Queen for the day.

Although the original concept was to be a single event, the paricipants had such fun that more events were soon planned, and the group eventually became an organization. The name "Society for Creative Anachronism" was coined by science fiction author Marion Zimmer Bradley when the group needed an official name in order to reserve a park for a tournament. By the end of 1969 the SCA's three original kingdoms had been established: West, East and Middle. All other SCA kingdoms trace their roots to these original three. The number of SCA kingdoms has continued to grow by the expansion and division of existing kingdoms. There are currently 19 Kingdoms in the Known world.

Each kingdom is listed by the date of it's creation in the SCA, that date being listed in both Anno Societatis, and also in the reconning of the Common Era.

A link whereby the reader may find further information about each individual kingdom, including the origins of the Kingdom, the Kingdoms current geography, as well as downloadable heraldic devices that may be registered to that kingdom can be found below the basic kingdom information. Finally, a link to the Conal's Corner Cafepress site where the interested reader may purchase premade items bearing the Devices, Populaces badges, ensigns and war banners for that kingdom can be found to the right of the kingdom's image.

The Kingdom of the West
Founded: March 5, A.S. I (1966)
First King: Sir Henrik of Havn
First Queen: Wendryn of Townsend

Arms of the Kingdom of the West
The Kingdom of the East
Created: July 21, A.S. III (1968)
First King: Sir Bruce of Cloves
First Queen: Florence of Cloves

Arms of the Kingdom of the East
The Kingdom of the Middle
Created: September 30, A.S. IV (1969)
First King: Cariadoc of the Bow
First Queen: Diana Alene

Arms of the Kingdom of the Middle
The Kingdom of Atenveldt
Created: January 16, A.S. V (1971)
First King: Sir Richard Ironsteed
First Queen: Felicia MacChlurain

Arms of the Kingdom of Atenveldt
The Kingdom of Meridies
Created: January 14, AS XII (1978)
First King: John Bearkiller
First Queen: Kassandra NicKraken

Arms of the Kingdom of Merdies
The Kingdom of Caid
Created: June 3, A.S. XII (1978)
First King: Armand Sebastian de la Foret du Sevigny
First Queen: Diana de Sevigny

Arms of the Kingdom of Caid
The Kingdom of Ansteorra
Created: June 17, A.S. XIV (1979)
First King: Jonathon de Laufyson
First Queen: Willow de Wisp

Arms of the Kingdom of Ansteorra
The Kingdom of Atlantia
Created: May 2, A.S. XVI (1981)
First King: Michael of Bedford
First Queen: Carissa of Burgundy

Arms of the Kingdom of Atlantia
The Kingdom of An Tir
Created: Jan 16, A.S. XVI (1982)
First King: Manfred Kriegstreiber
First Queen: Morag Campbell of Glenbourne

Arms of the Kingdom of An Tir
The Kingdom of Calontir
Created: February 18, A.S. XVIII (1984)
First King: Chepe l’Orageux
First Queen: Arwyn Antaradi

Arms of the Kingdom of Calontir
The Kingdom of Trimaris
Created: Sept 2, A.S. XX (1985)
First King: Baldar Langstritter
First Queen: Ljudmilla von Konigsberg

Arms of the Kingdom of Trimaris
The Kingdom of The Outlands
Created: June 14, A.S. XXI (1986)
First King: Gunwaldt Gullbjorn
First Queen: Aelflaed of Duckford

Arms of the Kingdom of The Outlands
The Kingdom of Drachenwald
Created: June 05, A.S. XXVIII (1993)
First King: Elffin O'Mona
First Queen: Vanna Edwinsdochter Dawburn

Arms of the Kingdom of Drachenwald
The Kingdom of Artemisia
Created: July 12, A.S. XXXII (1997)
First King: Thorfinn Kodoson
First Queen: Sarah Thomasyn

Arms of the Kingdom of Artemisia
The Kingdom of Æthelmearc
Created: Sept 20, A.S. XXXII (1997)
First King: Yngvar the Dismal
First Queen: Caryl Olesdattir

Arms of the Kingdom of Æthelmearc
The Kingdom of Ealdormere
Created: October 24, A.S. XXXIII (1998)
First King: David Martin Failsworth
First Queen: Elina de Braose

Arms of the Kingdom of Ealdormere
The Kingdom of Lochac
Created: July 6, A.S. XXXVII (2002)
First King: Alfar of Attica
First Queen: Elspeth of Turberville

Arms of the Kingdom of Lochac
The Kingdom of Northshield
Created: October A.S. XXXIX (16, 2004)
First King: Siegfried von Kulmbach
First Queen: Bridei nic Gillechattan

Arms of the Kingdom of Northshield
The Kingdom of Gleann Abhann
Created: November A.S. XL (05, 2005)
First King: Tar Radu
First Queen: Broinnfhionn inghean Chathain

Arms of the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann