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The Kingdom of An Tir


An Tir became a principality of the Kingdom of The West on August 25th, A.S. VIII (1973) during the reign of King Henrik VI and Queen Seitse.

An Tir's first coronet tournament was held on August 25th, A.S. VIII (1973) at the Snoqualmie Falls Forest Theatre, in Snoqualmie Falls, WA. Frederic of the West Tower won the coronet, with Anne of the White Tower as his consort. The Investiture was held on the same day.

Originally, the name of the new principality was to be "The principality of the North." The name "An Tir," gaelic for "The Land" was chosen at the Investiture.

The first crown tournament in the principality of An Tir was held on September 6th, A.S. XVI (1981) at the McLean Boy Scout Camp in Lions Gate (Greater Vancouver, B.C.). Master Manfred Kreigstriber won the crown tournament, with Lady Morag Campbell of Glenbourne as his consort. The coronation was held on January 16th, A.S. XVI (1982) at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Madrone (Seattle, WA), making An Tir the nineth kingdom.


The Kingdom of An Tir's borders cover the US states of Oregon, Washington, and the northern tips of Idaho, and in Canada it covers British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, the Yukon, and the Northwest Territories.

Registered Kingdom Devices

The following arms, devices, badges, banners, ensigns and achievments are registered to the Kingdom of the An Tir.

Registered Arms of the Kingdom of An Tir

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King's Device - "Checky Or and argent, a lion rampant tail forked and nowed sable, crowned gules, grasping in dexter forepaw a laurel wreath bendwise vert."

Queen's Device - "Checky Or and argent, a lion rampant, tail forked and nowed sable, crowned gules, grasping in dexter forepaw a wreath of hearts, points to center, alternating with roses gules, barbed and seeded proper."

Populace Badge #1 - "Chequy Or and argent, a lion's head caboshed within a bordure sable."

Populace Badge #2 - "(Fieldless) A lion's head erased contourny sable."

Ensign - "Checky Or and argent, a dexter tierce sable."

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