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Welcome to Conal's Corner

Conal's Corner is a modern SCA merchant for the medieval world. Let us be your source for Society for Creative Anachronism themed T-shirts, hats, and gifts that express the theme of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance while at the same time are perfect for wearing in town, at fighters practices, and at "no-garb" events.

SCA Heraldry is our specialty.

We carry a full selection of devices, populace badges, ensigns, and banners for each of the SCA's nineteen kingdoms. The peers of the realm - Knights, Pelicans and Laurels alike will be pleased to find badges and regalia befitting their rank, and the hard working officers of the known world can find badges and equipment to aid them in their duties.

We also have beautiful and thoughtful items that that can be used for awards, prizes, largess and gifts, like keepsake boxes, mugs & steins, pillows and more.

Bring honor and chivalry to the modern world! Wear one of our medieval themed shirts, or display one of our kingdom stickers, and show people the middle ages as they should have been!

Conal Mac Nachtan

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In Service to the Dream
In Service to the Dream
Artwork and Merchandise to help keep the Dream alive!
SCA Weekend Gear
Weekend Gear
It's not just something we do on the weekend...
SCA Kingdom Gear
Kingdom Gear
Show your Pride in your Kingdom!
SCA Officer Gear
Officer Gear
Gear for the hardest working volunteers in the SCA!
SCA Fighter Gear
Fighter Gear
Hail to the SCA Heavy Fighter!
SCA Peer Gear
Peer Gear
Products designed for Peers of the Society for Creative Anachronism.
SCA Chirurgeon Gear
Chirurgeon Gear
Merchandise, award and gift ideas for Chirurgeons.
Humor Gear
Humor Gear
Humorous Shirts with or without an SCA Theme
SCA Award Gear
Award Gear
Items displaying your SCA Awards
SCA Custom Heraldry Gear
Custom Gear
Yes! We do Custom Work!
The fight against Breast Cancer
The fight against Breast Cancer
Support the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Products with a political bent

Weekend Gear!

The SCA is far more than just a medieval reenactment group; "It's not just something we do on the weekend..."

Kingdom Gear!

There are 19 Kingdoms in the Known World of the SCA. Step inside and find Your Kingdom's Heraldry on Kingdom stickers, Populace Badges and more!

Officer Gear!

SCA officers work to help us all find the dream. Here are products and gifts specifically for the hardest working volunteers in the SCA!