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What is Conal's Corner?

Conal's Corner is an SCA Merchant, and your source for Society for Creative Anachronism themed T-shirts, hats, and gifts that are perfect for wearing in town, at fighters practices, and at "no-garb" events.  We also have beautiful and thoughtful items that that can be used for awards, prizes, largess and gifts, like keepsake boxes, mugs & steins, pillows and more.

Show people that Chivalry and Honor still exist in todays world! This is" Not just something we do on the weekend!" We've got Kingdom Devices, Populace Badges and Ensigns (Flags) for all the Kingdoms of the Known World on bumper stickers, window decals, badges and shirts.We've got a large selection of Officers Badges - Including Senschal, Exchequer, Herald, Knight Marshal, A&S Minister, Chatelaine, Gold Key, chirurgeon, Waterbearer, and many more! We carry a full line of Peer Gear, including medallions, for the Laurels, Pelicans and Knights that enrich our realm. Let's not forget the fighters  - We've got them covered as well! The SCA would be be nothing without a sense of humor, so we've got shirts to show the fun side too. Want something personalized? Visit our Custom Gear section!

How did Conal's Corner get here?

Conal's Corner has existed as a Cafe Press site since January of 2007, when Master Tvorimir Danilov, then Kingdom Chirurgeon for the Kingdom of An Tir asked me to develop some artwork for a Chirurgeon's shirt that could be worn before and after events, so that chirurgeons who might be in their mundane garb could be more readily identified.

Sadly, the original design for the shirt never came to pass. I created a different design which is still available in the chirurgeon's Gear section and put that online. I was then asked To make a version for the SCA Chirurgeon's Guild. Next someone in Atenveldt asked for one from there. Eventually I'd created chirurgheon's shirts for every Kingdom. Next came the waterbearers. A few humourous ideas got imortalized into shirts, and we had a humor section.

Somewhere during the spring of 2007, I created a series of artwork highlighting heavy fighters, rapier fighters, and equestrians. This lead to the slogan for Conal's Corner - "It's not just something we do on the weekend."

Around the middle of 2007 someone emailed me and asked if I could make a medallion for someone who was about to receive their Pelican. Since I was doing that, I made artwork for the Laurels and the chivalry as well.

Then someone asked if I could do an exchequers badge for them. Looking about on the web, I discovered that there was no good artwork out there for the officers badges, so I decided that I'd make images for each officers badge in the knowne worlde and make them freely available to any SCA group. Since I then had all those badges, I created merchandise with them for anyone interested.

I found a similar situation with the Kingdom Devices. While each Kingdom had a nice looking image for their website, the images looked horible if they were shrunk or enlarged, and moreover, finding the Queen's device for most kingdoms was impossible. After a few weeks work, this problem too was solved.

In the modern world, the situation in Tibet, Darfur and other areas was something I'd become active in, so I added a Politics section to Conal's Corner. The situations aren't medieval, but that attitudes that are causing them certainly are, so I feel that they belong here. After all, it's my corner, and I get to make the rules!

Please, take a leasurely scroll through our web pages, and see what treasures you can discover!

Conal Mac Nachtan

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