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The Kingdom of Northshield


Northshield became a principality of the Kingdom of the Middle on January 6th, A.S. XXX (1996) during the reign of King Tarquin and Queen Aibhilin.

Northshield's first coronet tournament was held on January 6th, A.S. XXX (1996) in Nordskogen. Dafydd ap Gwalchmai won the coronet, with Gwenyth Felton as his consort. The Investiture was held on the same day.

The first crown tournament in the principality of Northshield was held on May 8th, XXXIX (2004) in Windhaven. Siegfried von Kulmbach won the crown tournament, with Bridei nic Gillechattan as his consort. The coronation was held on October 16th, A.S. XXXIX (2004) in Silfren Mer, making Northshield the Eighteenth kingdom in the Known World.


The Kingdom of Northshield covers North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and the upper peninsula of Michigan. It also extends into Canada, encompassing Manitoba and northwestern Ontario.

Registered Kingdom Devices

The following arms, devices, badges, banners, ensigns and achievments are registered to the Kingdom of Northshield.

Registered Arms of the Kingdom of Northshield

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King's Device - "Sable, a compass rose argent within a laurel wreath, in chief an ancient crown Or."

Queen's Device - "Sable, a compass rose argent within a wreath of roses, in chief an ancient crown Or."

Populace Badge - "Sable, a compass rose argent, a bordure Or."

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