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The Kingdom of Ęthelmearc


Ęthelmearc (Aethelmearc) became a principality of the Kingdom of the East on December 2nd, A.S. XXIV (1989) during the reign of King Horic and Queen Lea.

Ęthelmearc's first coronet tournament was held on September 9th, A.S. XXIV (1989) in Thescorre. Tarbold Celerius won the coronet, with Cainder of Loch Suili as his consort. The Investiture was held on December 2nd, A.S. XXIV (1989) in Rhydderich Hael.

The first crown tournament in the principality of Ęthelmearc was held on June 7th, A.S. XXXII (1997) in Endless Hills. Yngvar the Dismal won the crown tournament, with Caryl Olesdattir as his consort. The coronation was held on September 20th, A.S. XXXII (1997) in in Delftwood and Coppertree, making Ęthelmearc the fiftenth kingdom in the Known World.


The Kingdom of Ęthelmearc covers northeastern/central/western Pennsylvania, central/western New York, and West Virginia.

Registered Kingdom Devices

The following arms, devices, badges, banners, ensigns and achievments are registered to the Kingdom of Ęthelmearc.

Registered Arms of the Kingdom of Ęthelmearc

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King's Device - "Gules, an escarbuncle argent within a laurel wreath and in chief a coronet Or. (The Queen uses the same arms as the King.)"

Populace Badge - "Gules, an escarbuncle argent within a bordure Or."

More information - The Kingdom of Ęthelmearc official website.

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