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The East Kingdom


The Kingdom of the East was formed from the Kingdom of the West on June 2nd, A.S. III (1968), during the reign of King Richard III and Queen La Rana.

At that time, Elfrida of Greenwalls appointed Maragon the Artificer to sit as King and Adrienne of Toldedo to sit as Queen, to preside over the first tourney and the first crown lists, whereupon the first true king would be chosen by combat.

The first crown tournament in the Kingdom of the East was held on March 21st, A.S. III (1968) in Cloves Lake Park, Staten Island, NY. Sir Bruce of Cloves won the crown tournament, with Florence of Cloves as his consort. The coronation was held on the same day, making the Kingdom of the East the second Kingdom in the Known World.

Origins and Geography

In the United States of America the East Kingdoms borders cover eastern Pennsylvania, eastern New York, Delaware, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. In Canada, they covers Quebec, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland.

Registered Kingdom Devices

The following arms, devices, badges, banners, ensigns and achievments are registered to the Kingdom of the West.

Registered Arms of the Kingdom of the East

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King's Device - "Purpure, within a laurel wreath vert fimbriated Or, an eastern crown of three grand points tipped with pearls and two lesser points, all Or."

Queen's Device - "Purpure, an Eastern Crown of three grand points tipped with pearls and two lesser points within a wreath of roses Or, barbed vert seeded gules."

Populace Badge - "(Fieldless) A tyger passant azure. (When displayed on a rondel the rondel is normally Or.)"

More information - The Kingdom of the East's official website.

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