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The West Kingdom

Origins and Geography

The West Kingdom is the original kingdom, created when the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) originated in A.S. I (1966).

The first crown tournament in the Kingdom of the West was held on May 5th, 1966 (A.S. I) in Diana Listmaker's back yard. Sir Henrik of Havn won the crown tournament, with Wendryn of Townsend as his consort. The coronation was held on the same day.


The west Kingdom currently includes Northern California, most of Nevada and Alaska, as well as Japan, Korea, and the Pacific Rim (excluding Australia and New Zealand.)

Registered Kingdom Devices

The following arms, devices, badges, bannners, ensigns, and achievments are registered to the Kingdom of the West.

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King's Device - "Or, a crown dancetty of three voided within a laurel wreath vert."

Queen's Device - "Or, a crown dancetty of three voided vert within a wreath of roses proper."

Populace Badge - "Or, a demi-sun vert."

Royal Ensign - "Or, an anchor within a laurel wreath below a crown dancetty of three voided, all vert."

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