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The Kingdom of Trimaris


Trimaris became a principality of the Kingdom of The Meridies on March 6th, A.S. XVI (1982) during the reign of King John III and Queen Heather II.

Trimaris's first coronet tournament was held on January 16th A.S. XVI (1982) at Camp Keystone and sponsored by the Barony of Wyvernwood. Verron Surgroth won the coronet, with Wulfa Eriksdotter as his consort. The Investiture was held on March 6th, A.S. XVI (1982) at Camp Keystone, sponsored by An Crosaire, Sea March and Sangre del Sol.

The first crown tournament in the principality of Trimaris was held on May 24, A.S. XX (1985) in . Viscount Baldar Longstrider won the crown tournament, with Viscountess Ljudmilla von Koenigsbert as his consort. The coronation was held on September 1st, A.S. XX at Camp Kateri in the town of Orange Springs, sponsered by the Barony of An Crosaire, making Trimaris the eleventh kingdom in the Known World.


The Kingdom of Trimaris is composed of the majority of Florida, as well as Panama. As a triskele (the Trimaris Populace Badge) was sent into space on a shuttle, Trimaris claims space. (For a brief time, the Kingdom of Trimaris laid claim to Antarctica, however the BoD found The Kingdom of Lochac's claim to Antarctica to predate and therefor be superior to the Kingdom of Trimaris' claim.)

Registered Kingdom Devices

The following arms, devices, badges, banners, ensigns and achievments are registered to the Kingdom of the Trimaris.

Registered Arms of the Kingdom of Trimaris

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King's Device - "Argent, on a fess wavy between two triskeles azure a crown of five points, each point tipped with a mullet, argent, between overall a laurel wreath counterchanged."

Queen's Device - "Argent, on a fess wavy between in pale two triskeles azure, a crown of five points, each point ensigned of a mullet, between in fess two roses argent, all between five roses, two, two and one, azure."

Populace Badge - "(Fieldless) A triskele Azure. (The Populace badge is also registered in Gules, Purpure, Sable, and Vert.)"

Ensign - "Argent, a fess wavy between three triskelions arrondi one and two azure."

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